Best Anesthesia Hospital/Doctor in Saharanpur


Department of Anaesthesiology and critical care at Pande Multispeciality Hospital is headed by Dr. Atif Khan. Department of Anaesthesia delivers pre-operative and pain management services to patients of all ages for a broad spectrum of surgical, medical and diagnostic procedures. State of the art Anaesthesia machines, Anaesthesia monitors, Ventil-ators, Safety gadgets, Continuous drug delivery systems, Warmers, Bronchoscope etc form the backbone of anaesthesia armamentarium

Best Anesthesia Hospital/Doctor in Saharanpur | Pande Hospital

Our dynamic, trained, skilled and experienced anaesthe-siologist Dr. Atif Khan ensure that the patients receive anaesthesia plan tailored to their needs, providing maximum patient safety and comfort. General and regional anaesthesia are provided for all surgical procedures.