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High Risk Pregnancy

We provide care for all pregnant patients and specialize in High Risk Pregnancies with the help of advanced foetal monitoring techniques Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur is well know doctor for handlingHigh Risk Pregnancy cases in the town.

High Risk Pregnancy Hospital Saharanpur

High Risk Pregnancy:
• Preterm and Postdated Pregnancy
• Pregnancy with High BP
• Pregnancy with Diabetes
• Pregnancy with thyroid problems
• Twin pregnancy
• Ectopic pregnancy
• Recurrent pregnancy loss
• Pregnancy with anemia
• Pregnancy with Epilepsy
• Pregnancy with Cardiac Problems
• Pregnancy with fibroid

One should avoid - smoking, taking illegal drugs and drinking alcohol as it can cause health problems for a pregnant woman and her baby. Because your pregnancy is considered high-risk, it's important to work with your doctor - Dr. Anushree Pande.

Management of High-Risk Pregnancies at Pande Multispeciality Hospital
Pande Multispeciality Hospital being a multidisciplinary hospital has a highly qualified and experienced team of specialists from all departments. Our high-risk obstetrics Dr. Anushree Pande offers a well-coordinated comprehensive care for complicated pregnancies throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond to protect both the mother and the baby.

Normal Delivery

Becoming a parent transforms every single aspect of your life. To ensure that your birthing experience is pure bliss, we at Pande Multispeicality Hospital, Saharanur ensure to create memorable birthing and meet all the needs of a mother and her baby. Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur always prefer normal delivery in most of her cases in order to ensure that no complexities may occur to mother and the child after birth.

Normal Delivery Hospital Saharanpur

We are equipped with:
The benefits of vaginal delivery include:
• Labour delivery room(LDR) - with advanced monitoring system
• CTG machine for constant fetal monitoring
• Highly trained Nurses and Paramedics.

Dr Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur, firmly emphasizes on ensuring normal deliveries ahead of caesarean sections and that has helped her to gain faith and confidence of her patients. From conception to post-delivery, till womanhood, Dr Anushree Pande will guide you through the entire journey. Pande Multispeicality Hospital is among the best maternity centers, backed by all multi-specialties all under one roof, all in one go and available 24X7.

If you are searching for 'The best gynae doctor for normal delivery', let us ensure you that your search ends here at Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur

Painless Delivery

Becoming a mother is the start of a wonderful journey. The amazing bond that you have shared with your unborn child during the nine months culminates with the arrival of your bundle of joy. However, this involves a painful birthing process. First-time mothers-to-be often fear natural birth. While earlier an elective C-section was the only alternative available, modern medicine has brought about some revolutionary advancements that can help bring the pain during childbirth down to an acceptable level.

Painless Delivery Hospital Saharanpur

Painless delivery or ‘Epidural analgesia’ is nothing but an option for normal delivery. If you are searching for 'The best gynae doctor for painless delivery', let us ensure you that your search ends here at Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur

What is Painless Delivery?
Painless delivery can be achieved using a form of regional anaesthesia that provides pain relief during natural labour. Epidural anaesthesia is administered through an injection on the lower back of the mother. The drug takes about 10-15 minutes to take effect. This is a good option for women with a lower pain bearing capacity, who would otherwise opt for a C-section.

Painless delivery operations by Dr. Anushree Pande has helped many women experience a positive natural birth. You should opt for it only after discussing the process with Dr. Anushree Pande and weighing the pros and cons thoroughly.

Cesarean Delivery

There are incidences when normal delivery is not possible and for the safety of mother and the baby, we have to perform a ceaserean section. A cesarean section is the procedure of the delivering of a baby through a surgical incision. Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur is an expereinced doctor in Cesarean Deliveries. Cesarean section is also called as C-section.

Cesarean Delivery Hospital Saharanpur

In which cases do we do a ceaserean section?

• Twins/Multiple pregnancy
• Baby is positioned such that it is coming out feet first(breech)/Transverse
• Health issues like high BP in the mother
• The baby has reduced oxygen supply(Fetal distress),or has passed meconium
• The baby’s head is too large for the birth canal(CPD)
• Intra uterine growth restriction/Oligohydramnios
• The progress of labour is slow
• Precious pregnancy/ivf preg/previous history of fetal death
• Previous Ceaserean section
• Central placenta previa

How is the procedure done?
Ceaserean section is done under spinal anaesthesia.The surgery begins with an incision being made right above the pubic line(horizontal incision).After the abdominal muscles are exposed, nick is given over the uterus and baby is delivered. Uterus is closed using absorbable sutures. Non absorbable or subcutaneous sutures are applied over skin.

Post Ceaserean Care:
The mother and baby will remain in the hospital for the next few days. The mother is recommended to walk around to prevent clotting and constipation. The nurses also help in breastfeeding and ensure that the mother learns how to breastfeed and take care of her baby.

A caesarean is a serious surgery, and it is important that you give the body enough time to recover completely.
• Do not exert yourself and take enough rest.
• Drink plenty of fluids and have adequate nutritious diet.
• Avoid having sex for about 6 weeks.

If you are searching for "Specialist Doctor for Cesarean Delivery" then your search ends at Dr. Anushree Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur.