Patients PMH

Patient Rights

  • Right to Quality Care, Considerate & Respectful treatment.
  • Right of Privacy & Confidentiality and has Right to access to his/her clinical records .
  • Right to Information on Care Plan, Progress and other healthcare needs and has right to refuse any treatment.
  • Right of Informed Consent before any invasive/ high risk procedures/ treatment.
  • Right to information on expected cost of treatment.
  • Right to seek an additional opinion regarding clinical care.
  • Right of protection from neglect or abuse and Right to complain and information on how to voice complaint.
Patient Rights

Patient Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities

  • Responsibility to provide all the information related with his/her health to the medical staff.
  • Responsibility to follow the treatment plan as prescribed by consultant .
  • Responsible to be respectful and considerate towards staff.
  • Responsible for his/ her actions if he/she refuses treatment or does not follow the agreed.
  • Responsible for following Hospital Rules and Regulations.
  • Responsible for fulfilling financial obligations as promptly as possible.
  • Hospital is not responsible for the personal property / valuables of the patient's/ family.
National Patients

National Patients

All about making an appointment, hospital stay or visit, insurance and costs, or patient feedback.

  • We make it easy to request or reschedule an appointment over a call.
  • Dedicated team at PMH, ensures that all of our patients and visitors feel safe, comfortable and secure.
  • We ensure utmost cleanliness and hygiene for IPD pateints throughout their stay with us.
  • Dedicated team to helping you understand the costs of medical care.
  • PMH is tied up with all the reputer TPA's for patients covered under any mediclaim / health insurance.

International Patients

Pande Multispeciality Hospital offers end-to-end patient care services for international patients visiting our facility in Saharanpur,India. Right from the time of establishing contact with the hospital, one of our dedicated staff members will remain in touch with you. They will help in securing appointments, visas, assisting with the travel arrangements, and stay in Saharanpur, India.

Patients can get in touch with our doctors via telemedicine and video conferences. Patients can send in their queries and reports via email and seek for a video consultation as well.

  • Internal Medicine Consultation.
  • Gen. Lap Surgeries.
  • Gynae Sugcial and Medical Consultation.
  • Knee Replacement Surgeries.
International Patients
TPA & Cashless Facilities

TPA & Cashless Facilities

Pande Multispeciality Hospital has been empanelled with various insurance panels for providing cashless treatment to patients

TPA list

  • Star health and allied insurance Company Limited.
  • Niva bupa health insurance Company Limited.
  • Bajaj Allianz general insurance Company Limited.
  • Vipul Medcorp insurance Company Limited.
  • Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raksha Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited.
  • Alankit Health Care TPA Limited.
  • SBI general insurance company limited.
  • ITC Limited Saharanpur