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Dr. Amit Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur is one of the most reputed piles Doctor in Saharanpur providing excellent treatment for Piles' or ‘Hemorrhoids’ or 'Bawaseer'. Piles occurs when blood vessels swell and the tissue above them gets stretched as a result. Dr. Amit Pande is one of the most respected and trusted piles doctor in Saharanpur and nearby region. This process creates a sac-like structure, which gets further strained during our bowel movement, thereby causing pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of Piles
• Blood while passing Stools
• Itching
• Painful hard lump in rectum
• Swelling in anal region
• Bright red blood while passing stool

Piles doctor in Saharanpur

Treatment of Piles:
It is necessary to consult the specialist Piles surgeon. At Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur, we have all the options for the best treatment of Piles. Consult with our leading surgeon Dr. Amit Pande for best treatment of Piles. The options are:
• Medication remedies
• Traditional Open Surgery
• Most advanced laser treatment for all Grade of piles
(grade I, grade II, grade III, IV).

Dr. Amit Pande is an expert in Laser Treatment of Piles.
Cost of piles laser treatment depends on :
• Grade of piles (grade I, grade II, grade III, IV)
• Technology used
• Any other pre-existing medical condition.


Dr. Amit Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur has successfully treated hundreds of patients for fissure-in-ano and other related diseases. An anal fissure is a small cut in the tissue that lines the anus or in the lining of the anal opening. It may lead to itching, pain, and bleed while making bowel movements. Fissure causes severe pain or sometimes bleeding also while passing the stool. The fissure can affect people of any age. At Pande Multispeciality Hospital, Saharanpur, you can get the most advanced Laser Treatment of Anal Fissure in Saharanpur.

Fissure-In-ANO doctor saharanpur

Patients of fissure-in-ano are required to visit Dr. Amit Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital, immediately and he may prescribe surgery or other medical treatments. Medication may temporarily relief you from the pain whereas surgery will cure the disease of the root.

Diagnoses & Symptoms of Fissure

Diagnoses & Symptoms of Fissure:

• Swelling and Pain in anal region
• Pain while making bowel movements
• Itching in anal region
• Discomfort while sitting
• Bright red blood while passing stool

Fissures tests may be recommended by Dr. Amit Pande for the diagnosis:
• Anoscopy
• Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
• Colonoscopy

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are treated with perfection by Dr. Amit Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital. Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisting veins, often appearing blue or dark purple. Varicose veins are a common condition caused by weak or damaged vein walls and valves For most patients, varicose veins causes pain and discomfort. Varicose veins are caused by increased blood pressure in the veins.

Varicose Veins doctor saharanpur

Varicose Vein Surgery:

- Sclerotherapy – In this procedure, a solution or foam is injected into small and medium-sized varicose veins, scarring and closing them. Varicose veins that have been treated should fade in a few weeks.
- Foam sclerotherapy of large veins – Injecting a large vein with foam and closing the vein is also possible in this procedure.
- Laser treatment – Smaller varicose veins and spider veins are being treated with modern laser technology by doctors.
- Ambulatory Phlebectomy – Smaller varicose veins are removed through a series of small punctures on the skin made by a doctor.
- Endoscopic Vein Surgery – This treatment is recommended only in severe leg ulcers, or if other treatments fail. The surgeon operates and closes varicose veins with a thin video camera inserted into the leg, and removes the veins through small incisions.

Dr. Amit Pande at Pande Multispeciality Hospital is an expert in Saharanpur region for the treatment of Vericose Veins.